Is your life as you want it to be?

Maxine Brooks Lehrer, Ph. D.      NJ Lic. #1090
Arnold Curtis Lehrer, Ed. D.           NJ Lic. #925

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Services:  Individual, Group and Couples Therapy

We practice interpersonal psychoanalytic psychotherapy aimed at helping you learn how to gently relate to yourself and others in as pleasant a manner as might be possible.  We help you to explore your personality and how you detract from or enhance your life.

No one knows themself well enough if they cannot use that knowledge to direct themselves comfortably.

Anxiety, psychological depression, negative feelings, irrational guilt, feelings of inferiority, and inability to act well in one's own interest are explored.

You always have the same therapist for individual sessions and if you should wish to be in a group, your therapist runs that group and is there with you each weekly meeting.  Group members verbally interact with each other during the session as does the therapist.  Groups are continuous and have the same member each week so that all of you get to understand each other.

Individual sessions are verbally interactive and guided by interpretations and questions as needed.  Exploring your thoughts, feelings and actions along with interpretation usually broadens one's abilities and strengths so as to not need to generate undue anxiety, depression or destructive interactions.

Individual sessions last 45 minutes and group sessions run an hour and a half.  Group sessions for individuals, with no one related to you being there allows you to speak your full thoughts and feelings to.

There are couple sessions and also a couples group that meets regularly and is held by the same therapist each week.  Couple sessions and couples group assist people in examining the current functioning of their relationship on the spot.

It is seen as best that each person have an individual therapist with whom to regularly and confidentially explore themselves and their life so as to attain as much gentle control of themselves and their actions as possible.

Your present, past (childhood, adolescence and recent past) and expectations of your future are dealt with as they come up and also at the suggestion of your therapist.  Why do you feel, and think what you do are all looked at with you.

Our Philosophy

The problem of darkness does not exist for a man gazing at the stars. No doubt the darkness is there, fundamental, pervasive and unconquerable except at the pin-points where the stars twinkle; but the problem is not why there is such darkness, but what is the light that breaks through it so remarkable and granting this light, why we have eyes to see it and hearts to be gladdened by it.

"No one knows enough about themselves unless that knowledge of both their feelings and their ideas allows them to exercise comfortable control of their life."

-Dr. Lehrer

Is your life what you want it to be?
We offer Individual, Group, and Couples Therapy.